Jun 21, 2022 · VS编译出错,后面再解决. 用mbp的同学建议不要安装预览版操作系统,不要当勇士.... 3. 新建项目. 关于MAUI的环境搭建可参考这篇文章《在MAUI中使用Masa Blazor》,本文不再介绍环境搭建,直接使用VS 2022最新预览版项目模板创建项目。 3.1 创建Blazor Server项目:Dotnet9 .... Flutter is different from WebAssembly (which is more a CPU architecture) in that regards. From a .NET team perspective, they see themselves (most likely rightfully) as a full stack competitor to JavaScript and Java and that requires Browser, Apps/Desktop, Server, Web Pages and native Cloud in the portfolio. "/> Net maui vs flutter
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